95% Construction Documents

95% Construction Documents

Public Works and Engineering (PWE) Engineering and Construction Division invites Contractors to provide constructability comments on upcoming construction projects. This web based review process supports communication and collaboration between PWE and the Contractor community.


Process for submitting your comments On-line:

On the Bidsets page, select 90% Construction Documents from the Featured Menu

  • Contractors must register in order to download the documents. Project Documents include 90% Submittal Plans and the Project Manual. All other associated information is not available for comment.
  • Comment review – Download the “Comment Log” (registration is not required). Submit one comment Log per project. Fill out the Comment Log per the instructions on the Log. The reviewer’s name and contact information must be included.
  • Comment Log Submittal – E-mail the comment log in excel or pdf; to PWE-ENGCCL@houstontx.gov Place in the subject line “Project Name_WBS No.xx-3”. MAXIMUM FILE SIZE 7MB. Please note that a confirmation receipt notice will not be provided. If comments require supporting documents please attach to the e-mail (pdf files only).


Information to the Reviewer:

  • All comments received on the 90% Bid Documents by the Contractor are for information only and are not part of the City’s comment submittal process. 
  • The submitted comments does not solicit bids or guarantee comment incorporation.
  • All Documents are subject to removal after published comment due date.
  • For assistance please submit your questions to PWE-ENGCCL@houstontx.gov .



WBS-N-100003-0001-4 95% Submittal WBS-N-100003-0001-4 95% Submittal

Shepherd/Durham Paving and Drainage: Washington to Dickson
Project Manual N-100003-0001-4
Comment Log
No due date
If you have any questions, please contact Project Manager: Stephen Campagna P.E., (832)395-2225

WBS-S-000900-0112-4 95% Submittal WBS-S-000900-0112-4 95% Submittal

42-Inch Water Line from W. Bellfort Ave. to Bissonnet St. Along Braes Forest Dr. And Centerpoint Energy Fee Strip
Comment Log
Comments due by November 20, 2017
If you have any questions, please contact Project Manager: Ann Hunter, P.E., (832)395-2393

WBS-N-210001-0001-4 95% Submittal WBS-N-210001-0001-4 95% Submittal

Houston Heights, John Brashear and Memorial Heights Paving and Drainage Project
Comment Log
No due date.
If you have any questions, please contact Project Manager: Sam Habibi, P.E., (832)395-2283

WBS-S-000900-0131-4 95% Submittal WBS-S-000900-0131-4 95% Submittal

72-inch Water Line from Dowling to Tuam along Polk, Hutchins, Clay, Chenevert, Hadley and Crawford
Comment Log
Comments due by December 25, 2017
If you have any questions, please contact Project Manager: Oke Atatah, P.E., (832)395-2308

WBS-N-000590-0001-4 95% Submittal WBS-N-000590-0001-4 95% Submittal

Holmes Road: Main Street to Kirby
Project Manual N-000590-0001-4
Comment Log
Comments due date: April 20, 2018
If you have any questions, please contact Project Manager: Kevin Hammond, P.E., (832)395-2275

WBS-R-000267-109A-4 WBS-R-000267-109A-4

Lift Station Renewal and Replacement – Consolidation of North Post Oak Lane, Stable Wood and Buckingham Lift Station
Due Date: N/A
Project Manual R-000267-109A-4
Report Asbestos & Lead Buckingham - Report Asbestos & Lead Post Oak - Report Asbestos & Lead Stablewood - Report ESA I - Report ESA II - Report Fault Study III - Report Geotechnical - Report Trench Safety
Addendum 1 R-000267-109A-4 - Addendum 2 R-000267-109A-4
If you have any questions, please contact Project Manager: Akhter Hussain, (832) 395-2294
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